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Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Alicia Peklinsky General Real Estate Manager, Realtor 304-281-4397
Alyssa Duplaga Realtor 304-281-8246
Amy Stanley Realtor 304-280-0538
Bob Wilson Realtor 304-780-9746
Cathy Medovic Realtor 304-280-3361
Cheryl Joseph Realtor 304-281-2358
Dave Gessler Realtor 304-639-2566
Denise Pavlik Office Manager, Realtor 304-281-5250
Don Bopp Vice-President, Sales Manager 304-233-3303
Erin Fonner Realtor 304-281-0253
Jean Holloway Realtor 304-312-9311
Jennifer Murray Realtor 740-359-1658
Jennifer Paull Realtor 304-281-7229
L. Gil White Vice President 304-280-6966
Larry Hanasky Realtor 740-310-7629
Lee C. Paull IV Executive Vice-President, Associate Real Estate Broker 304-280-4804
MaryKay Pepe Realtor 304-479-5522
Patty Tustin Realtor 740-359-2059
Ralph H. Craig Realtor 304-233-3303
Rick Jones Realtor 304-830-0643
Ruth Cook Realtor 304-281-5522
Sarah Dean Realtor 304-650-5711
Stephanie Nanners Realtor 304-280-7288
Toni Colantonio-Yazbek Realtor 412-638-1622