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Our Community - About Wheeling, WV & the Ohio Valley Area

Welcome to WheelingPopulation:
Wheeling Metro Area: 157,200
Marshall County, WV: 37,200
Ohio County, WV: 50,200
Belmont County, OH 69,800

City of Wheeling: 11.2 square miles.
Located on the Ohio River between Ohio and Pennsylvania in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle

Founded: 1769

Incorporated: 1836

687 feet above sea level downtown
Ranging to 1,300 feet in some residential areas

Mean annual temperature: 50.5 degrees Fahrenheit
Spring: 49.7
Summer: 72.7
Autumn: 53
Winter: 29.3
Average annual precipitation: 37 inches

Council/City Manager
Council members elected by wards; council appoints an administrative city manager; and the Mayor is elected at large

Resort/Conference Information:


Electricity: American Electric Power
Natural Gas: Allegheny Power Company (formerly Mountaineer Gas)
Telephone: Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic)
Water/Sewage: municipally owned and operated

Places to Worship:
83 Protestant, 15 Catholic, 1 Jewish, 1 Greek Orthodox

The Ohio County Library has more than 85,000 volumes, plus newspapers, magazines video's and audio tapes
The Library also has Internet access, CD-Rom databases and word processing for public access

Health Care:
Costs are 23% lower than the national average


Education in Ohio County:

County Public Schools:

One Senior High School
Four Middle Schools
Ten Elementary Schools

Parochial Schools:
Two Senior High Schools (9-12)
Eight Elementary Schools

Private Schools:

One pre-school -6
One pre-school -4 for boys; pre-school -12 for girls
One 5-12 co-ed



Five daily newspapers
Eight Local Radio Stations
Three Local television Stations (NBC, CBS, WB)
All major Public and Cable stations



CSX System (in West Virginia)

Amtrak Service (within a 90 minute drive in Downtown Pittsburgh)

Public and Private Transit:
OVRTA public bus service
Several charter bus companies and taxi firms

Interstate 70 and 470
Interstate 79 (32 miles)
Interstate 77 (50 miles)
U.S. Routes 40 and 250

The area is serviced by hundreds of motor freight companies

The Ohio River with 12 barge lines and barge services

Financial Institutions:
Over 20 banks and other financial institutions in the metro area

6% sales tax
Affordable property taxes

Crime Rate:
2nd lowest in country (FBI Uniform Crime Statistics)